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Around the age of 3, children no longer accept Qatar WhatsApp Number List everything blindly. This results in a real fire of questions. Why can’t I draw on the wallpaper? Why can’t I play with food? Why do I have to go to bed? And from my own experience: ‘ why can’t I drink beer ?’Child I am a proud mother of a son and a daughter of 19 and 16 years old. Although it seems like an Qatar WhatsApp Number List eternity, they were once 3 years old. I was therefore allowed to undergo the why phase no less than 2 times.

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As a young mother, I searched online for Qatar WhatsApp Number List information that could help me get through this overwhelming phase. Because I say so I read in various articles that children put their thoughts into words in the why phase. That they practice asking questions and satisfy their hunger for new knowledge. So I patiently answered every why question from the kids. My answers all started with: because . I tried to answer as substantiated as possible.

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Tried because to be honest: in many cases I also Qatar WhatsApp Number List used the so-called ‘basket technique’. Then my answer to a why-question was: “ because I say so ”. The why-phase of young children and the because-response of parents/carers lead to conditioned behavior. That means that in childhood our brain is coded in such a way that we expect that after the word because comes a reliable answer. Even if it’s nonsense. In addition, as people we like to feel that we understand things.


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