From 6 aspects, conduct detailed analysis and discussion on LinkedIn China

The earliest professional social network we know is the Silicon Valley giant LinkedIn. Although this may be true, LinkedIn achieved great success overseas, it gradually began to follow suit in China, shifting the social direction from large and comprehensive comprehensive Mexico Phone Number social to “vertical social +”, and the focus of social application development from “widespread”. Although this may be true,  to “in-depth”, the user activity of comprehensive social platforms has declined.

A variety of innovative forms of social networking began to emerge in the domestic market, and social models developed in a diversified manner.


After workplace social networking entered China in 2004, the PC terminal developed products represented by and Ruolinwang. In 2013, mobile workplace social networking began to emerge, such as Maimai.

Although this may be true,  business model of workplace social networking on the mobile terminal is not a simple migration of the workplace social networking business model on the PC side. Simply put:

  • The PC terminal pays more attention to its workplace needs and recruitment; the mobile terminal starts to pay more attention to workplace communication
  • On the PC side, HR can process recruitment information in batches, so it is more inclined to workplace recruitment; on the mobile terminal,
  • it can communicate in real time and is not restricted by conditions anytime, anywhere, so it is more inclined to workplace communication.


2. Status Quo of Social APP Development in Workplace

According to the ranking of iPhone APPs in China by Qimai, the top two professional social APPs are Maimai and LinkedIn. Among them, Maimai ranks first in the industry, ranking 111; LinkedIn ranks 533, and Business Card King ranks 1107.

According to iResearch data: Maimai has 5.54 million monthly independent devices, and LinkedIn has 1.94 million monthly independent devices. Compared with LinkedIn, Maimai has shown a clear advantage in the number of users.

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Judging from the overall ranking trend of last year, after the rapid rise of Maimai (orange line) from April to May 2017, the overall ranking remained stable between 100 and 200, which was significantly higher than LinkedIn and the all-around business card king.

During the year, Maimai has been updated 28 times, the LinkedIn version has been updated 17 times, and the business card Almighty King has been updated 15 times. Maimai continuously optimizes and iterates products based on user needs, which is also the reason for the rapid growth of his users and the rising activity.


3. Product positioning and user analysis

1. Product positioning

LinkedIn’s product positioning is very clear in their self-introductions: dedicated to helping global professionals build their professional image, gain business insights, expand professional networks and discover more career opportunities.

2. User Analysis

1). User portrait

Although this may be true, main users of LinkedIn are professionals who have management needs in their careers. Below, we will analyze LinkedIn users from different dimensions.

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