Freelance targetologist – the pros and cons of the profession

Targetologist is one of the most popular professions on the market. The attractiveness of the specialty is easy to explain: high earnings, the ability to quickly learn and start working remotely. But is everything so rosy in practice? Let’s understand this issue on the personal experience of a practitioner. Pros and cons of working as a freelance targetologist Many people think of targeting as setting up ad campaigns, including tracking ad statistics, analytics, optimization, and reporting on targeted ads. However, this is just an instrumental point of view. If we consider targeting more globally, get a dubai phone number it will immediately be clear that this is part of the company’s marketing strategy, which means that it is necessary to work out the target audience of a product or service and write headlines, offers and make creatives for each category of the target audience in such a way that you want to click on them and learn more offer details. Creative here means the visualization of advertising messages (banner).

Disadvantages of remote work as a targetologist

To be a targetologist, you need to have marketing skills and be able to build offers for the target audience. An experienced specialist should be able to really make a high-quality offer, resting on the advertising budget of the customer. At the same time, it is worth considering the need for advertising testing. This factor sometimes greatly limits the targetologist, so you always have to get out. Previously, all marketers believed that advertising should be tailored to a very narrow audience. In fact, you don’t need to do this, since the neural network of the Facebook advertising platform can ideally understand your audience. She needs a budget for this and a little time for self-study. Also, one of the disadvantages of freelancing is the need to communicate with potential customers. When you work in an advertising agency, this work is performed by the project manager, while finding a common language with clients and you do not need to be distracted by endless negotiations.

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Benefits of working as a freelance marketer

What are the advantages of a freelance DV Leads? The advantages of this profession are not much more than the disadvantages. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail: You work remotely – no one likes to travel far to work. Constant trips to and from the office do not attract many at all. Almost every specialist (especially a professional in his field) dreams of working from home. A freelance targetologist has such an opportunity. He can be anywhere and work wherever he wants, because he has enough Internet and a laptop at hand. You work for yourself – few people want to, as they say, “work for their uncle.” Self-employment has always been much more attractive. Little is required of you, you do not need to be strictly at a certain time at work and generally conduct activities according to a schedule. Working for yourself, you can eat whenever you want, relax at any time of the day, because the main thing is that the work is done on time and with high quality.

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