How to create a webinar Free and paid

If you have already decided to start a webinar, but you still don’t know how, here we will help you to do it from scratch. At Tresmedia we have carried out a search to offer you the best free and paid alternatives. But before… Contents: [ Show ] What is a webinar? It is a seminar, conference or workshop held belgium phone number. Concisely, a webinar. Its main characteristic is the interaction between the speaker and the participants. A webinar can be given in the present tense or it can be recorded. What is it for? The webinar fulfills the same function as a seminar. You can receive information on a topic , ask questions and discuss what is exposed. However, webinars are also used for networking. In addition, these have been introduced in the academic world, and make it possible for students to attend classes or workshops without being present.

What is Stream Yard?

Once you are inside your account, configure your profile and synchronize the different social networks in which you want to stream. For this you will have to click on one of the options and enter your account on that platform. In this case we will use YouTube as an example. Enable live streaming on your channel For that, click on “Open YouTube Live Dashboard” and follow all the instructions. Upon completion of all the steps, YouTube says it can take 24 hours to get approval to create your stream, but it’s usually instant.

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Tips for Stream Yard

When finished, you will be able to promote your “broadcast” by directly sharing the YouTube DV Leads. However, we recommend that you do it on your own website by creating a landing page with the website details and adding a subscription box. If you want to add more platforms like Facebook, you just have to click on “Destinations” and then “Add a Destination”. Remember that you can share your event on several platforms at the same time.


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