Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Small companies felt in 2020 and 2021 the need to position themselves in the digital environment for efficient communication with their customers and especially to open a new sales channel. Culturally in Brazil most small businesses have not yet found the need to be within the internet. For this reason, they had not prepared their strategy for digital service and when the pandemic arrived, they felt very difficult and the competition became much more qualified. To face these big problems, now, there’s no use in despair! canadian phone number list and planning how your company will enter this very competitive channel is essential so that all the work done does not end up having any results.


Digital Marketing is nothing more than efficient strategies that use strategic planning and use tools available on the internet to attract the target audience, brand recognition and sales. Currently, it is the main way companies have to be in contact with their audience directly and in a personalized way. Some tools on the internet that you can use for your marketing strategy: Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, TickTok, Pinterest, among others) blog emails And many other tools. Not all tools may be ideal for your company depending on the moment it is in and especially the available investment and time to carry out the marketing strategy. That’s why, often having the follow-up of experts, can reduce the time to obtain results and be assertive in communication with your audience.

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When we talk about small businesses, the vast majority are local companies that offer their service or product within a certain region. For these companies, we have a step-by-step guide to start their digital journey. Google is a powerful tool for companies starting out. Seeking more and more customer satisfaction, Google wants to give them the best experience. Through this premise, presenting people who search for a particular product or service within the platform, it presents the closest and best-rated companies. DV Leads with Google My Business is simple and quick to do. But pay close attention to the correct configuration of this tool. Explore the photos, posts, take care of the text and constantly ask for reviews of your company within the tool, ok?

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