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And, because all results and methods have been published, we immediately see what is apparently effective and what is not. You can then use those insights in your own tests to see Georgia WhatsApp Number List whether what worked best in the mega study also translates to your organization.

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Duckworth and others was publish in May 2021 and was call. A mega study of text-based nudges encouraging patients to get vaccinate at an upcoming doctor’s appointment . This mega-study was a large field experiment. In which 19 different nudges were teste per SMS to get people vaccinate against flu. What was the highest scoring text? “There’s a flu vaccine ready for you. This was sent 3 days and 1 day before the appointment. As a result, the vaccination rate increased .

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In Rich in behavioral insights 2021 (page 29), the Corona Behavior Team describes that it is already applying these outcomes in invitation letters. They used the phrase ‘There is a vaccine against Corona waiting for you’ because mentioning psychological ownership contributes.

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