Food photography technique: how to shoot food for Instagram

Food photography techniques: how to shoot food for. Instagram Food photography is the basis of content for those who work with food. The task of photography is to awaken the appetite and desire to taste the dish. Therefore, it is so important to be able to photograph your product for home confectioners, delivery restaurants, cafes, food manufacturers and everyone who works with food. In this article, we will show you how to take a photo on your phone for a business account on Instagram. We will tell you how to work with light, composition, color, how to choose a background for product photography, and how to shoot in raw format on a phone to maintain quality. Where to begin Start with the subject – choose what you want to shoot. Determine the main color – do not take an object with multiple colors.

Angles, composition and plans

From what position does your product look best? This should be the angle from which the best characteristics of the product are revealed: details, volume, shadows, color saturation, etc. Composition is the correct arrangement of the subject in the frame. The purpose of composition is to make the frame more interesting. With the help of composition, you can highlight the main thing: due to light, scale, focus and contrast. If you divide the frame into three equal parts vertically and horizontally, germany phone number example at the intersection of the lines there will be points that a person pays attention to in the first place. The rule of thirds is a simple and powerful principle. To understand how this works, you need to turn on the grid on the camera. It is needed in order to correctly build the composition in the frame and not fill up the horizon.

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Working with color

We start thinking about the color of a dessert, decor or a whole dish at the stage of order approval or immediately before cooking. Color is one of the most important tools for managing perception. The color of food builds expectations about taste. For example, we would expect sourness from a lemon yellow dessert. Red, green, purple and yellow are perceived as the most delicious, so there should be at least one object of this color in the frame. Blue, black, blue – unusual for natural products, are associated with something unappetizing. White color in food (bread, eggs, rice, meringue) should be diluted with bright objects DV Leads. There are rules for their harmonious combination. We perceive most combinations intuitively, because we absorb from childhood from natural colors. A food photographer consciously selects the content of the frame.

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