Folks That Took A High Funnel Action To Get Them

You can choose which form(s) that you want to build the list off of. If someone fille out a lead gen form for a piece of content and you wantd to remarket them to get them to the demo, for example, you could build and remarket an audience of form submissions for that piece of content. Or, if you were testing two different forms for the same action, you would want to exclude submissions of the other form in the test so that you didn’t pay for or receive unnecessary visibility from people that have already submittd the form.

Or Leads That Were Once Warm But Never Converted

Or, if you wante to remarket people that opend the form but didn’t submit it, you could do that, too. Since the form doesn’t automatically open, people that have opene the form are showing intent signals. 5. People Who EngageWith Your Events If you create events on Facebook, you have a lot of remarketing options. You can remarket people that New Zealand Mobile Number List have: Respondd that they are planning to go. A statd interestd in attending. Visite or engagd with the event (even if they didn’t RSVP). Beun to purchase tickets but abandond the purchase process. Compld the process to purchase tickets.

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Or Folks Currently In The Pipeline You Can Also Remarket

For example, if you decide to host another event in the future, you may want to remarket people that RSVP’d or only people who purchasd tickets. Or you may want to create such lists and use them as the see for lookalikes! 6. Remarketing Instant Experiences & Your Facebook Shop I’m grouping some options together here but if you’re an ecommerce, you have DV Leads a ton of different in-platform remarketing options. For example, if you have a Facebook shop, you can remarket people that: Viewd your shop. Viewd products (or you could further qualify by targeting people that viewe and clicke through to your website.


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