My first contact with Digital Marketing

As a matter of fact, my first contact with marketing was in 2014, through the dropshipping wave. I did some crazy things in between, where CSGO skins (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) was my niche, advertisements on betting sites using my code in posts linked to CSGO groups, and replacement in some articles, about the game! So, they used my link for bets and consequently I earned a few American company phone list, which in the end earned me R$250 dollars, and yes I lost that money in bets around rs.

My journey to meet Harve

I didn’t see marketing as a profession, my idea was to go to law school, and continue in the area, but after a few months in law school, I saw that marketing was what I loved… and I wanted to study marketing, because I was working at a company where e-commerce was booming. The way I found Harve was on recommendation, I saw several compliments, I looked for it, I saw all the available courses, I identified with the most complete one, in digital marketing, which is what I am graduating from.The Harve course was essential, with it I built an e-commerce from scratch, I conceived an e-commerce together with the company where I am, I formalized the strategies and resources that we would need to put all this, on the desired platforms, and also campaigns marketing aimed at my target audience in Automotive Accessories.

company phone list

My expectation with the digital marketing market going forward

I want to study more about digital marketing, learn more about Google Ads campaigns, and improve companies on the online platform and also put into practice everything I study, to find out how far I can put marketing to the test.I’m in a young phase right now, as I’m in a company where marketing is starting to creep in in a subtle and location-appropriate way at first! But in DV Leads course, I liked the google ADS part, and also with the marketing strategies facing any challenge.

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