Finding The Right Cms For Your Seo Success

Content management systems are a godsend for users who are new to coding. You may not have any advanced technical knowledge, but thanks to a CMS, you will be able to easily publish and update your website content. Yet ease of use isn’t the only thing to worry about. If you want your website to reach Google’s top 10, it’s wise to choose a CMS with SEO in mind.

In this article, we’ll find out what makes the best CMS for SEO and which popular platforms do better than others for websites that rely primarily on organic traffic. Without further ado, let’s get on with compiling a checklist of features an SEO-friendly CMS should have.


Which CMS features are important for SEO

It is generally believed that Google uses over 200 ranking factors. Well, most of the factors related to the technical performance of a website and the HTML elements on the page are related to the CMS. Google should be able to easily crawl your website pages, figure out what  Afghanistan Phone Number List  they are about, and link them to related keywords. Therefore, proper HTML markup is an absolute must. Besides, there are many other SEO-important CMS features. Some of them are crucial while others are just nice to have.


Page elements you should be able to configure


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Let’s start with the page elements that you deal with each time you create a new page. These are the page URL, title tag and meta description, image alt tags and headers . Using them correctly is essential for a page to rank well in search. And here’s why:URLs tell search engines and users what a page is about, so for SEO it’s best to have clear, human-readable URLs;Title tags and meta descriptions are what users see in SERP and further decide if a website is worth a click;If the image does not load, users will see an image ALT tag. Google also uses ALT tags to give meaning to an image and promote it in image search. Additionally, screen readers used by visually impaired people also rely on ALT tags;Headings help users and Google navigate text. With an SEO-optimized CMS, you should be able to easily add and/or modify all of the elements mentioned above.




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