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Here I really had to report and remove hundreds of people Cambodia WhatsApp Number List for hate. And that for ‘not even a kiss Snickers – El  comments, 87.6% likes. This is where Snickers probably went viral unintentionally. They withdrew this controversial ad within days of its launch and profusely. Cambodia WhatsApp Number List apologized for any “misunderstanding Cambodia WhatsApp Number List that may have been” after the 20-second clip was widely for being homophobic.

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The ad shows gay Spanish influencer Aless Gibaja Cambodia WhatsApp Number List ordering a “sexy orange juice” throughout camp , while a friend exchanges surprised looks with the waiter. He responds by handing Gibaja a Snickers ice cream, and after one bite, Gibaja changes into a bearded Cambodia WhatsApp Number List man with a deep voice. “Better?” asks the friend. Better,” the man replies as the tagline reads: “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.

This slogan has been by Snickers for years, including in very funny. Cambodia WhatsApp Number List Super Bowl commercials with the likes. Of Betty White  but also Liza and Aretha made an appearance, as did Joan Collins. Everything revolves around the “Diva” theme and not be yourself. Accept cookies The was heavily criticiz, with some calling for a boycott. Not only the ‘COC of Spain’ responded, but also the Spanish Cambodia WhatsApp Number List minister for equality, Irene Montero, contributed.

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