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According to Mueller’s advice, site owners should aim for having a structure to internal links that resembles their own site’s structure. That could potentially look like: homepage > category page services page request a quote page. Or if you’re adding internal links to something like a blog article you could add contextual links to relate articles on the site. While some internal links are good, more isn’t better. You’ll send stronger signals with fewer links. Hear Mueller’s full response in the video below: News SEO ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Read the Next Article Google on Using Multiple Types of Schema Markup on Same Page Google’s advice regarding using multiple types of schema structurd data markup on the same page.

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Matt G. Southern SEJ STAFF Matt G. Southern July 6, 2021 ⋅ 3 min read 410 SHARES 12K READS Google on Using Multiple Types of Schema Markup on Same Page Google’s John Mueller goes over what site owners nd to know about using multiple types of Honduras Mobile Number List schema structure data markup on the same page. While this is an acceptable SEO practice, there are some do’s and don’ts for achieving the desire results. This topic is discusse during the Google Search Central SEO hangout recorde on July 2. A site owner asks what to do with a page that can be classifid as an FAQ, a how-to, and an article.

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Should they add all three types of schema markup or just one? Here’s what Mueller recommends. Multiple Schema Properties: Do’s and Don’ts There are two aspects to consider when it comes to using multiple types of structure data markup on one page. The first is to follow Google’s guidelines by making sure the schema properties match the primary elements on a page. If the primary content is a recipe, and there’s an accompanying set of how-to instructions, then it wouldn’t be correct to include both recipe and how-to markup.

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