Website Speed ​​and Page Experience What Really Matters For Seo

The time it takes for a web page to display its content plays. A crucial role in how users will engage and interact with it. While page load speed is naturally tied to user experience. How important does it really matter to search visibility and rankings. There hasn’t been much clarity from google. As well as other search engines. On exactly how they measure speed metrics and to what extent page speed is a factor in ranking.

But now we can say with certainty that the page experience will be an important ranking factor. It consists of several technical features including loading, interactivity and visual stability aspects known as Core Web Vitals. The main thing to understand here is that it’s not about the speed at which a web page loads, but the speed at which it displays the first display area.

In this article, we’ll cover all of these terms and aspects in detail, discuss other website speed metrics, and explain how to improve your website speed and performance to positively impact your SEO.


User experience and speed: the balance between the two

Google first introduced the website  Austria Phone Number List  performance analytics tool in 2013: PageSpeed ​​Insights tested a page and provided a score, giving recommendations for improvement. But as studies have shown, the score it gave was not extremely accurate for speed rating and SEO results. In 2018, Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights improved its algorithms with Lighthouse, providing speed tests that are more objective and valuable to users because they take rendering capabilities into account.

More importantly page experience metrics will soon become a

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With that in mind we can say that improving your website speed alone. Won’t get you to the top, but you still need to work to ensure your visitors have a decent loading speed and a seamless experience. Naturally if your pages load very slowly and prevent users from navigating the site freely. It will hurt your search performance. As well as your ctr and conversion rates. But it’s the balance between your site. Speed settings and user experience metrics that will improve your rankings.

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