Establish Alliances with Partners

A good marketing strategy for entrepreneurs is to discover companies related to your field that complement what you offer . These types of alliances enhance active phone number list actions and make them more attractive to users. An example of the power of these alliances in the digital world can be found in the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). Techniques that we mentioned in point. Specifically, when a website that has good authority on the internet. That is, on a scale of 1 to 100 Google assigns it a score close to 100— mentions your brand through a link to your online store, search engines consider that your business is relevant and that will favor your positioning .

Do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is based on the power of recommendation. The idea is to attract potential clients through intermediaries that work as allies of your business. At Tiendanube, for example, we have our own Associates program through which people can receive commissions. In this marketing tip for entrepreneurs, we recommend creating a database with influencers , blogs, and websites that can resell your products for a commission . In this way, you will also be able to increase the reach and recognition of your brand . To determine when a sale was made through an affiliate , we recommend using UTM.

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Analyze the metrics

The last piece of advice in this basic guide to DV Leads for entrepreneurs is the one that will define the success of your strategy. The analysis of metrics. Some of the indicators that you have to analyze are. ROI  the return on investment is an indicator that will give you a perspective of how much your business gained or lost after making a specific investment. Here we show you how to calculate the ROI .

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