Entrepreneurs That Became Dominican republic Phone Number US Presidents

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Warren Dominican republic Phone Number Harding

Harding came from a family of hard workers and he followed in their footsteps. After attending Ohio Central College, he tried his hand at teaching, law, insurance sales, and journalism for the local newspaper. In 1884, he raised $300 to purchase the Marion Star newspaper with two friends. Over the next ten years, Harding’s business prospered. In 1899, Harding Dominican republic Phone number won the first of two terms to the Ohio State Senate, serving as majority leader before his bid for Lieutenant Governor in 1903. After leaving office in 1905, he returned to his newspaper for five years, venturing again into state politics in a losing bid for Ohio State Governor in 1910. Harding served as a U.S. Senator from 1915 until he won the election of 1920 for U.S.

Herbert Dominican republic Phone Number Hoover

Soon after graduating college at Stanford University, Herbert Hoover worked seventy hours a week at the gold mine pushing ore carts. He was later put in touch with a firm in need of an engineer to inspect Dominican republic Phone Number and evaluate mines for potential purchase. Hoover moved to Australia and China where he worked as a mining engineer. He started his own mining consulting business in 1904. Hoover served as Director of the U.S. Food Administration from 1917-1918 and was later appointed as the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. He served as President of the United States from 1929 until 1933.    Best database provider | classy database

Harry Dominican republic Phone Number Truman

After Harry Truman graduated high school, he worked a variety of jobs including timekeeper for a railroad construction company, and clerk and bookkeeper at two separate banks in Kansas, before returning Dominican republic Phone Number to farming. During World War I, Truman volunteered for duty. When he returned home, he set up a hat shop in Kansas City, which failed just three years later. He was soon approached to begin a career in politics where he served as an overseer of highways, judge, and United States Senator before running for Vice President with Franklin D. Roosevelt for his fourth term in 1944. Truman became President when Roosevelt died in 1945 and served until 1953.

Jimmy Dominican republic Phone Number Carter

Yes, Carter was a Nobel Peace Prize winner and he founded the Department of Education, but did you know that he was also a peanut farmer? By the time Carter turned 10, he stocked produce from his family’s farm, brought it into town, and sold it. He saved his money and by the age of 13 he bought five houses around the plains which the Great Depression has Dominican republic Phone Number put on the market at rock-bottom prices. He rented the homes to families in the area. Years later, when his father died of cancer, Carter returned home to upkeep the family farm. He soon won seats in the Sumter County Board of Education and Georgia State Senate, before serving as Governor of Georgia, then President of the United States from 1977-1981.

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