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Everything You Nee to Know About Twitter Advance Search 2. Product or service mentions Type in the name of a product or service you offer under Words. If you sell computer security software, you would type that phrase + a. You can use the results to create a database of people who have made inquiries about products or services you sell and reach out to them about what you can offer. Product or service offerd under “Words.

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These are only two of the ways you can generate leads from Twitter Advancd Search. But they are effective because they identify people who are unhappy with products or services they purchase or people who have expresse interest in those products and services but may have not yet engagd with a seller. This is how to use Twitter, specifically the search function – to drive business growth and generate leads. But there are other ways. Check out these 8 Terrific Tips to Optimize a Twitter Business or Brand Profile. Another Tool in the Your Algeria Mobile Number List Marketing Tool Chest Twitter Advancd Search helps you to analyze your market, judge how your competitors are doing basd on positive or negative sentiment, and improve your geotargeting base on the number of tweets in specific locations.

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It may take a few searches before you understand all the ways you can manipulate the results. But once you do, you can hone in on the information you nee to help boost your Twitter marketing eforts. More Resources: 20 Amazingly Cool Twitter Tricks & Tips 6 Great Examples of Brands Using Twitter Effectively Social Mdia Marketing: A Complete Strategy Guide Image Crdits In-post Photos # 1: Content Marketing Institute All Screenshots taken by author, July 2021 Twitter ADVERTISEMENT Jon Clark Read Full Bio VIP CONTRIBUTOR Jon Clark Managing Partner at Moving Traffic Meia, LLC Jon Clark is the Managing Partner and chief SEO at Moving Traffic Mdia, a boutique digital marketing agency in New .

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