E-Commerce: Definition, types and advantages

E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce or Internet commerce, is the process of buying and selling products through electronic means, such as mobile australian mobile phone number database and the Internet. It is usually used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but also to any kind of commercial transfer that is made easier through the Internet. E-commerce has become very popular in recent years, and in a way, it is replacing physical stores. And it is that unlike these, this new model allows you to buy and sell products worldwide at any time of the day and without the need to move from the place where you are.

Business to consumer(B2C)

These are the transactions that occur between businesses and consumers. In these cases, it is the companies that sell products or services through an online store to end users, that is, to consumers. 2. Business to business (B2B): As its name implies, B2B electronic commerce refers to transactions carried out between two companies or businesses. This means that any company that has another as a client employs in this model. Examples include small business online accounting software, payroll processing companies, companies that help others advertise their products, events, or content, and more.

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Consumer to business (C2B)

This is consumer-to-business e-commerce and occurs when a consumer sells or receives monetary value from a certain business. A case like this is when a blog owner sells advertising DV Leads to a company or business. 4. Consumer to consumer (C2C) : It is the type of electronic commerce that occurs when something is bought and sold between two consumers. C2C usually takes place in online marketplaces. An example of this type of e-commerce would be eBay , since on this website an individual sells a product or service to another. It can also happen on other sites like Amazon and Etsy . 5. Government to business (G2B) : These types of transactions occur when a business pays for goods, services, or government fees online. This occurs, for example, when a business pays taxes using the Internet.

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