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Channel for helping you engage with prospects. Build relationships. And boost conversions for your business. Facebook is one of the top platforms that allows you to achieve these goals and boost brand growth. But before you dive into using Facebook. It’s important to understand Facebook demographics. With over one billion daily users. There’s much to learn about who’s on this platform. On this page. We’ll go over 14 Facebook demographics you need to know spanning multiple categories.

Including General Facebook

Demographics Age-related Facebook user Turkey Mobile Number demographics Gender-related demographics Ethnic-related demographics Keep reading to learn more! 74% of people use social media when making a purchasing decision. Make decision easy with a stellar social media presence. See how your brand can level up by requesting a no-obligation proposal today. Www.your-url.com Submit One of our experts will be in touch within 24 hours! General Facebook demographics to know First.

Let’s Look at Some General

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Data to get an overview of the Facebook target audience. 1. Over 69% of U.S. adults use Facebook Facebook is a global social platform. Which may leave you wondering how prevalently it’s used in the United States. Over 69% of U.S. adults use the platform. If your target market is primarily in the United States. You have a great chance of reaching prospects through Facebook. 2. 70% of U.S. adults say they use Facebook daily If you invest the time in building a Facebook strategy.


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