Digital Marketing building a digital relationship

I have been working in the commercial area for 16 years. And this was my first project in the area of ​​digital marketing. The same was done voluntarily in order to connect my professional knowledge. With the knowledge acquired in the classroom. I applied my knowledge at a friend’s barbershop whose main business objectives were. Increasing the number of services, building customer loyalty and being a local reference. The barbershop’s means of communication was through WhatsApp and Instagram, buy korean phone number we decided that I would be responsible for improving and perfecting what was built and developing new strategies.

Using the SMART concept to define 3 goals for the business

I used the SMART concept, a method of setting goals that are based on 5 factors S (specific). M (measurable), A (achievable), R (relevant) and T (temporal) to define 3 goals for the business. Important to evaluate the progress of my actions. After applying SMART, the 3 goals were defined as follows. Conquer 10 new customers per month, until October of this year. Using Instagram, Facebook and Google. The next 6 months increase the follower base on Instagram and Facebook by 50%, making the brand more recognized. Have a good rating on Google; – Obtain a minimum gross return on sales of 40% in the next 6 months, using marketing strategies focused on customer loyalty. At the end of this article, it will be possible to verify the results obtained.

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Conditions explored such as

fter defining the goals and the personas, I DV Leads to understand and study the main competitors of the barbershop, with the intention of verifying and knowing how they behaved on social networks, I did swot analysis and studied possible partners to strengthen the brand. Regarding competitors, the barbershop has few in the region, in all 3, with particularities among them, being: Lower prices, higher prices and a women’s salon that occasionally serves some men. Regarding the strengthening of the brand, as soon as I took over the project, the barbershop partnered with a local product supplier, which contributed to the issue of knowledge of the same.


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