Digital Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn for SMEs

On this occasion I have the pleasure of writing as a guest on new zealand whatsapp numbers ‘ blog, to which I thank her for letting me participate. In this article I will tell you everything to develop your Digital Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn. The professional network par excellence. As you already know, in this social medium your profile towards others is purely professional. It is focused on promoting your personal brand in the sector. You want to dedicate yourself to and for which you want to be recognized . For this reason, if you are self-employed or an SME and you start up a good. Digital Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn, you can boost your business.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional network founded in 2002. It was born in competition with Xing, the professional network that was only known in the market. It is currently number one of the business networks with which to establish direct contacts. With professionals in the same sector or with similar interests. Today it has more than 600 million registered users! In Spain you find a figure, not negligible, of 12 million users, which has meant an increase in recent years. All this makes it important and essential for any company or person that is part of the active population. In short, we can say that a large part of the population, regardless of whether they work or not, have a LinkedIn profile.

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Why develop a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

As I have mentioned, LinkedIn is a professional network focused on DV Leads. Therefore, with a good LinkedIn Digital Marketing Strategy you will be able to establish business relationships with other professionals and offer your services to both companies and individuals . This platform has made every professional, whatever the sector, decide to be. The benefit it brings is greater because of the relationships that are established, the employment and collaboration opportunities that arise, and the possibility of directly contacting companies that have their page or profile created. That is why, making a comparison with Amazon, you can find everything you need. Here on LinkedIn, you can connect with professionals of all kinds, willing to give their best, helping and adding value to the community


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