Digital Marketing Trends Oman Phone Number Month into COVID-19

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During Quarantine Oman Phone Number, Video Stands Out

In a world full of unknowns, there is one thing we can trust. Video consumption is, and will continue to. Moreover, skyrocket as people look for indoor entertainment. Advertisers can target video mediums in a way that maximizes budget efficiency. Delivers messaging to the correct audience with great accuracy. Not to mention, the overall user base for all streaming Oman Phone number services, but especially YouTube, is growing. The reason why YouTube is so effective? It is free! Job uncertainty and unemployment will likely lead to a decreased number of subscriptions to costly services, especially cable. By utilizing YouTube and OTT placements Oman Phone Number, you’ll be able to find the people where they’re watching.

Sending a Oman Phone Number Message

One area of online behavior that has seen a significant increase in usage is messaging. Facebook has reported a more-than 50% increase in messages sent across their various platforms, with the Oman Phone Number majority of the increase in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. People are generally unable to communicate in person or in public places, so digital correspondence has become the next best thing. Now the real question: what does that mean for your business? Facebook “Messenger Ads” allows a CTA (call-to-action) button that prompts users to send a message directly to your business. This can be hugely beneficial in fostering a two-way street of communication between your company and your audience.

Opportunities Oman Phone Number

Many businesses may be seeing a loss of revenue during this time or may have been forced to lay off or furlough employees. While it is never good to see businesses struggling, the lack of competition Oman Phone Number can mean much cheaper CPMs on Google’s and Facebook’s ad networks. For companies that are still able to function in this current climate, customer acquisition is cheaper than it was previously. People are even becoming more likely to interact with your business’s ads, likely due to the fact that more of their lives are taking place online. Location data tech company Blis reported that click-through rates almost doubled in the US towards the end of March (3/13 to 3/23).

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