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Export reports from Universal Analytics If you want to make sure Cyprus WhatsApp Number List that you want. To keep certain data from Universal Analytics, you can always export reports. Excel or PDF file or to Google Sheets. Then you know for sure that you can continue to see the data from past years. It is just not possible to import this data back into Google Analytics 4, since this is another Cyprus WhatsApp Number List measurement method and the reports are therefore structured differently.

A Big Point That We Encountered

Switching completely now? In any case, it is wise to already create a Google Analytics 4 property. This is easy to do by choosing ‘Install Assistant’ in the admin area in the property Cyprus WhatsApp Number List column and following the steps. Or view Switching to Google Analytics 4 click Cyprus WhatsApp Number List installation. Assistant That way you can get used to the differences. That will make the transition a lot smoother next year.

You can then run GA4 in parallel with your Universal Analytics property. Giving you time to collect data from Cyprus WhatsApp Number List now on. Are you only going to do this from July 1, 2023? Then you start with an empty dataset without historical data, while you do want to create Cyprus WhatsApp Number List reports in which you want to compare data with a previous period. By starting with GA4 now, you also have enough time to ensure Cyprus WhatsApp Number List that you set up your GA4 in the same way as your current Universal Analytics.

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