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This makes it much easier to steer influencer New Zealand WhatsApp Number List marketing in the right direction. The moment you enter into a partnership under the collaboration. The platform automatically places a label “paid partnership” to distinguish the ad content from other content. Furthermore, the partner’s account is also linked to the post and thus also New Zealand WhatsApp Number List promot. Payment is processe via the Meta platform.

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This is what a post might look like: Example New Zealand WhatsApp Number List collaboration via Brand Collab Manager on Facebook Source: Subscriptions With Subscriptions it is possible on Facebook to let followers sign up for a paid subscription to your content. In this New Zealand WhatsApp Number List way, you as a page receive monthly income on your content and you can make an even deeper connection with your followers.

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You can choose to create certain content for New Zealand WhatsApp Number List your subscriptions that is only accessible to them, such as special live broadcasts, special offers on products and services and groups that they belong to alone. Via the Meta tools you can add a so-called “subscriber CTA” to your posts. This is a special button that allows people to easily register for this select group.

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