Define your Value Proposition Well

What is the value proposition ? It’s what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it. What differentiates you in the market?

If you sell online services such as australian mobile phone number database courses , what differentiates you or your courses from others on the market? 

It could be that you had support for your community during and after the course with a closed Telegram group or that you had personalized tutoring that materialized in a ratio of one tutor for every 15 students, mentoring, etc.

Also a specialization in a specific subject and sector (courses for photographers specialized in brand or product), some type of offline support or your own platform designed specifically for your students with the experience of years of training.

The trend is to show our value proposition in the above the fold and with a CTA, which we have already talked about previously. 

And we are not going to use a paragraph for this space.

It is about investigating and synthesizing in a short, clear and simple sentence what we do, how we do it and for whom we do it.

Remember that we must also capture attention. 

Use the Formula That Best Suits

He said that we should not obsess over them because, for example, in the case of testimonials, some copywriters do not use them as social proof on the websites they create. 

Some still give them authority when it comes to selling online, but it is true that their excessive use has distorted them a bit.

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Or the formula of the 4 P ‘s

picture or image

promise or promise

try or test

Push/Pitch or Push


Is the structure of the 4 Ps more or less clear? We’ll create an image in the user’s mind, then show the promise or benefit they can get from our services, give them credibility with testimonials or data, and then prompt them to take action.

There are many formulas and we are not going to see them here because it is not the subject of the post. 

But let me tell you that, as customers, we buy the benefit. The characteristics do not matter to us. 

We want the transformation , the result. Because we want to go from state A to state B. That is why it is essential that we know how to count state B. 

Hence the importance of having a copywriter to develop our website.

Give air to your text

Just one more thing regarding the copy. The content of a website is not the content of a book or a press article.

Our clients can see it on a computer but almost everyone will see it on their mobile. Give air and format to your text to not stop capturing attention.

Write in short sentences and do not justify the texts.

Break the blocks and linearity.

I wouldn’t tell you that almost as important as persuasive content or copy is design because there are pages with hardly any design where you stay for a long time reading.

But you can really screw up if the design of your website is not attractive.

Use the images to accompany the text and show who and how you are and what you sell.

In addition, it can help you capture attention and, as we have said, increase dwell time and, therefore, improve SEO.

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