December 2019 – January 2020

Now that the holiday season is over, our development team is back to work bringing you new updates. And the first batch of our 2020 updates are already live! Let’s take a look at the changes our team made to the platform late last year and early this year. And yes, we have already started working on making your New Year’s wishes come true, prioritizing those who wanted to see new databases in SEO/PPC Competitor Research . All of Europe in search of SEO/PPC competitors Since the SEO/PPC competitor research tool is very popular among our users, we tend to take really good care of it and even smother it with attention.


If you want to make quick changes to every report

If you want to make quick changes to every report you send after that, use the default templates. Ok, but what does that mean exactly? Each account user, including sub-accounts, can choose a template which

With that in mind, we’ve added  Finland Phone Number List  more than 20 new Google databases to the tool over the past two months. So, now it’s official: you can do competitive analyzes in all European countries! Specifically, we added 10 new Google databases in December, including Czechia, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Romania, and Slovakia. We have also expanded our European database with countries such as Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and San Marino.

And in January we added two additional databases

Finland Phone Number List

Faster and more personalized reports Last year we completely redesigned our Report Builder module , but our work is not done yet. This year, we are striving to make it even better. Default templates needed. Automated (or scheduled) reports are now generated 3 times faster. So you can finally forget about waiting 9 hours to get a project report. On top of that, we’ve done our best to make our reports look professional. Now, your report content will fill the full width of the email, making data entry easier. Additionally, we’ve decided to hide empty keyword groups from reports so they don’t distract you.

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