Data Products: A Practical Guide to Self-Service BI Products

In the era of big data, almost every enterprise is pursuing digital transformation and data management. From the formulation of strategic goals by the company management. To the project review report Saudi Arabia Mobile Number of front-line business students, and even the communication between product managers and development needs, all require data The support of the past, from the qualitative decision-making of the past, to the quantitative decision-making that speaks with data. As a result, the demand for data acquisition and analysis has exploded.

Daily temporary data fetching analysis

Business team: The threshold for data acquisition is high. And it is difficult for front-line business personnel to directly contact the data source. Business data acquisition is highly dependent on the data team. Saudi Arabia Mobile Number Data manpower and scheduling cannot keep up, and the data response cycle is long, which affects data usage.

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Data team: Temporary data fetching consumes data development energy. Affects data infrastructure, is not satisfied with the business, and does not thank you for your efforts.

For some fixed thematic business analysis reports, a visualization platform needs to be built to allow the business to directly analyze and make decisions interactively. Even some back-end products need to provide data visualization and statistical analysis capabilities, such as the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number business back-end of the B-side of the e-commerce platform. Customized development, front-end, back-end, and data development labor costs are high, and the response is slow. One needs at least 1 week of development resources, and for some business-end development, it does not have professional visual development capabilities. It needs to start from 0, and the learning cost is high.

Self-service BI product concept

The concept of self-service BI products is self-service. In the first place, Through the construction of low-code, drag-and-drop, and visualization capabilities on the product, front-line businesses can access data and conduct self-service analysis. Everyone can analyze data without asking for numbers. Just like when you go to eat, you need the chef to cook for you. The length of the meal depends on the length of the queue. And the complexity of the process of a single dish. It takes 2 hours to eat, and 1.5 hours to queue for half an hour.

If you go to eat buffet, the chef assembles the basic and highly integrated raw materials of the dishes in advance. And the user can pick it up on demand. You can carry out secondary processing, roasting, roasting, and steaming to your favorite taste. The meal lasts for 2 hours, 1.5 Eat every hour, and take a 0.5-hour break to continue eating.




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