Cybercrime And Phishing

They answer very direct (and sometimes rather blunt) questions Taiwan WhatsApp Number List from the audience. Screenshot of ‘I hardly dare to ask’. Actually, all episodes are interesting, but not all of them fit Frankwatching as much as the episode about influencers. For example, questions such as ‘Are you addicted to attention?’ and ‘How many followers have you bought?’ past. A nice insight into the world of influencers. Title : I hardly dare to ask – Influencers Running time : 18 minutes.

But Deadly Serious

To be viewed via : NPO Start 6. Fyre Remember Taiwan WhatsApp Number List that festival in the Bahamas that became the biggest flop in festival history? The Fyre Festival was presented as a luxury music event on a swanky private island, but failed completely under the leadership of a smug entrepreneur. This documentary film is a bit older (2019) but if you haven’t seen it yet: highly recommended. The perfect example of how wrong marketing and communication can lead to a fiasco.

Taiwan WhatsApp Number List

Title : Fyre Running time : 97 minutes To Taiwan WhatsApp Number List watch via : Netflix IMDb rating : 7.2 7. The Digital Man A tip from my colleague Linda: the documentary De digimens by VPRO Tegenlicht. There are of course several very interesting Backlight episodes, but I like to highlight this one. In ‘De digimens’ you dive into the world of digital people. Some interesting questions are answer. Can digital people help us to solve social problems?


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