Create Outreach Emails That Get The Link And Build A Relationship

Chances are if you work in digital marketing and have an inbox, you’ve read an email like this. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be friends with this person. In fact, I want to avoid this person so badly that I’m not going to respond to this email. There’s nothing that makes me want to do it. Even if they asked for a reciprocal backlink (whether you think they’re harmful or not), there’s nothing in there that makes me say “yes”. The author of this email is clearly trying to get a backlink, but it’s not really working for them for a multitude of reasons.

Marketing is boring

Packhelp. We manufacture custom packaging  Thailand Phone Number List  for a wide range of businesses. Long story short, I market boxes for my 9-5, so I know a thing or two about being boring. But it’s the humor that makes my boxes sexy and interesting. *record scratch* Chances are you smirk like a kid when you read that last sentence. And you’re going to keep reading this article because so far it’s not like all the other marketing content you read. You now agree with me and start to trust me more. You’re probably smiling even now (or at least smiling inside). It’s charm, and much like the charm

Charm wit and humor

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wit and humor in what they do. But they do it to push a product, service, or idea to drive traffic, leads, revenue, or whatever. As marketers that’s what we do, it makes sense because it has business impact. But why don’t we take the same spiritual approach when talking to each other? No one will pay attention to a generic cold outreach email for the same reason they won’t pay attention to a generic advertising ham. It’s boring. So when we use wit and humor, it works whether your target audience is consumers or other marketers. Most people, merchants or not, do not expect charm, wit and humor in their daily lives. This is why you are still reading this article.

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