Conversion Rate Of New Visitors Compared To Known Visitors

The conversion rate of new visitors can be very revealing because it tells you what the first impressions of users are when they arrive on your page. Especially when you combine this with other metrics, like bounce rate (more on that in a minute), it can answer an important question: do people see value in what we offer, or do they quickly lose interest?

The conversion rate of new visitors compared to known visitors


As an example of how you can apply this, consider comparing two landing pages on your site. Which is converting the most new users? Use this information to improve Macedonia Phone Number List  the other page. While you might have a harder time converting new visitors, returning visitors should be a different story. If people come back to your site again and again, that’s a good sign! It means they are interested. However, if they don’t eventually convert, something is wrong.Every time someone comes back to your page, you feed that lead. Make sure to keep moving them towards a conversion. Returning visitors are extremely valuable.

Do users spend an average of two seconds on a page before

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Do users spend an average of two seconds on a page before leaving? They can’t accomplish much in that amount of time. In other words, the conversion rate will suffer.

However, if they spend more time on the page (perhaps a few minutes), there’s a better chance that they’ll get to know and trust you, and take steps to convert ( such as signing up for your mailing list or purchasing a product).

Generally, the longer you can keep people on your page, the better, as long as at some point they take action. If you notice that users are spending a lot of time on your page but not converting, your conversion flow could be giving them trouble.



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