Content Marketing and Social Media

Social and Content Marketing were subjects that I was able to enjoy very well right from the start! Inspirations for creating content came from Bruna and Ju’s classes, who were extremely cute and excellent teachers. With the creation of the persona, I was able to formulate more interesting content and communicate better with our customers. We also conducted a survey and released content about Nike’s history! A brand that people like a lot, but they didn’t know so well about the origin and some curiosities. Another change made was the change in the tone of voice with our followers, cell phone lists for sale better connect and have a closer relationship!

E-commerce changes customer is unique 

We like to have an extra affection, right? Well, each customer is unique and should be treated with all the affection in the world, from the first contact to the after-sales! With that in mind, in addition to the change in tone of voice I mentioned earlier, we started to send a letter with all orders, thanking you for your purchase. And of course, it’s normal to be suspicious of a store on the internet! Nowadays, there are many websites selling counterfeit products as if they were genuine, so be careful. We added social proof on the website, on Instagram we use two ways to show that the products we sell are totally original: we made an IGTV video, showing that all the products we sell are legitimate, accompanied by an invoice and guarantee. Another way we found was to put a tab with the feedbacks of our customers!

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Photo grapy about at the beginning

Remember the persona creation I talked about at the beginning? So with that in mind, we changed the way we showed products on the site. Before, we cut the model’s face, because the focus there was to show the product! But we noticed that, showing the face and with a more imposing pose, we would be passing more emotion through that photo, because that’s what fashion is about, showing your personality through the way you dress! I still have many things in mind to apply, and I’m taking it one step at a time! Consuming content, staying connected to trends and changes on the main platforms. The DV Leads that remained is to always be looking for innovation and doing the best possible, whether in content, service and of course, the entire customer experience.

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