My first contact with Digital Marketing

My first contact with Digital Marketing was when. I was in college in 2016 where in a class the professor asked. Us to do campaigns on Google and Face Ads in order to learn. The work was to start with a company and set up its digital communication and thus publicize it through media platforms. So I was able to find out how campaigns were carried out and saw. How the segmentation was accurate and valuable for the business. As it was directed to the correct target audience. Since then my passion for Digital has grown and so. I decided to study about this world that is so necessary for us and for companies today. The growth of cell phone number database free has made it possible for thousands. Of people to have their smartphone and made the internet a democratic world full of opportunities.

My journey to meet Harve

I worked as a door/door salesman in the customer service area for many years. I decided to study Marketing and I was always curious about. How advertisers communicated with their target audience and the constant changes between updates and innovations in the market to attract more customers. So I saw an exponential growth in the digital market, in addition to being easily profitable, analyzed the probability of learning and it is much faster and easier than finding study information. So I decided to become a professional in the area because I realized that it was no longer possible to be a desired professional in the market if I didn’t know how to master the main tools of the digital market.

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Why I chose Harve

When I decided to professionalize myself to create something that would give me extensive knowledge in the digital world because I could choose to work in what would most identify me, I chose Harve because of the authority it was building in the market and because it was a course with a longer duration compared to to others in the market, not to mention the mentors who are professionals with great experience in the market who have stories of results that they can pass on to the student. Another factor was the issue of creating a DV Leads with the community that is part of the digital world in the region and being able to have strengthened networking and being able to find work partners and other possibilities.


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