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Every day, millions of French Internet users visit global websites like Amazon . com . Although the official page, , has English content, users can still see French text and product descriptions. Why? The global site has a localized version for France, so all French users will automatically have the content of the site displayed in French.

If your website has pages localized into multiple languages, just like Amazon, you can specify the language of each page using hreflang attributes . With hreflang, search engines can easily identify that your website has content in different languages ​​and redirect visitors to the page that matches their region.

What is hreflang

Before we get into the details, let’s see if all sites need language versions, how many languages ​​a page needs, and how to deal with multilingual pages. At first glance, it might  Uruguay Phone Number List  seem that creating localized pages for all sorts of regions is the best solution for user experience. By viewing pages in their native language, visitors generally spend more time on the site, which positively affects user behavior.

However, when discussing Reddit, John Mueller advises against focusing on dozens of different languages ​​just because you can. “Let’s create all the languages!” Let’s create pages for all countries! What if someone in Japan wants to read it in Swahili? Let’s make some more pages!

How many language versions your website really needs

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According to Mueller, all of these pages will likely generate very little traffic, add little value to your site, and add huge overhead, both to you and to search engines. Therefore, make your decision carefully: if you have a lot of users from a certain region and the page contains important information, translate it. If you want to have a “just in case” language version, don’t waste resources on it.

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