Characteristics of Financial Planning

Financial planning generates the rules for the development, change and growth of the company. He cares about the decisions in the processes of growth, development, evolution, logistics or diversification of the company. Its expresses the financial objectives that the company wants to achieve. It generates the distribution of the financial resources of the company given the established spending and investment costa rica phone numbers. It proposes some objectives to meet (possible and optimal) to be evaluated later.

Elements of Financial Planning

To develop a Financial Plan and make the best decisions for the management of the organization. It is first necessary to analyze the financial situation of the company and for this. Elements such as the analysis of financial flows, the analysis of financial information. The financial diagnosis must be used. and future states or forecasts. Flow Analysis: It consists of the analysis of the movements of money in the company, both incoming and outgoing with the aim of maintaining available resources for the proper functioning of the company. Analysis of financial information: It is the analysis of the accounting information of the company , which generally uses management indicators or ratios that will serve to identify the general situation of the company.

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Development of a Financial Plan

What the financial plan aims to do is set some objectives to meet (possible and optimal) to be evaluated later. Financial planning is a very important weapon that organizations have in decision-making processes. Strategy: Definition of the actions that will be taken from the Management to achieve the stated objectives. Strategic Plan : It is the detail of the strategy including the tactical plans. Control and follow-up: Basically, it is the way in which the plans will be verified to be effective. Although obtaining this financial strategy is the ultimate goal of planning; This does not occur with vague observations. DV leads above the financial situations of the company (financing and investment), it is only presented after an extensive and thorough analysis of all the effects, both positive and negative, that can occur for each decision. taken with respect to financing or investment.

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