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Go. 6 tips for building your Facebook Shops strategy Of course. shoppers aren’t going to flock to your FB Shop “just because.” How you promote and market your products ultimately determines whether or not you actually score sales. Let’s look at some basic ways to get more eyes on your Facebook Shop and entice buyers. 1. Organize your products into collections Rather than treat your shop as a free-for-all. take advantage of Shops’ Collections feature to sort your products and add some flavor to your

Facebook at the same time. For example. lululemon separates their products by style and product type. This sort of organization emulates an actual ecommerce shop and gives their store a sense of professionalism as well as making it intuitive for customers to browse. lululemon facebook product collection Sorting products by category makes it easier for shoppers to narrow down their search and find what they’re looking for. product collection in facebook shops 2. Put your best-sellers front-and-center

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Whether or not you decide to upload your entire inventory to Facebook Shops is totally up to you. That said. you might consider testing the waters by featuring your best-selling products first. You can either do this Georgia Phone Numbers manually or create a “best-sellers” tag in Categories. For example. Pura Vida’s “Top Rated” selection signals their most popular products and puts them at the front of the line within their Store. top-rated products in facebook shops 3. Grab shoppers’ attention with sales and discounts

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Discounts and deals are proven motivators for shoppers. especially those buying for the first time. Consider promoting some sale items or even a Facebook Shops exclusive sale. This ultimately makes products from your Facebook feel more exclusive. providing all the more incentive for people to follow you and regularly check out your deals. mobile product view facebook shops Note that shoppers can sort items by sale or price.

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Having a few sale items in stock is perfect for appealing to bargain-hunters. search filter in facebook shops 4. Show off your products from multiple angles This tip applies to your Facebook Stores along with the rest of your product pages on social media. If possible. including more than just a single static image of your products – include lifestyle images that show them in action. multiple product views in facebook shops Social selling is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of

User-generated content and use visuals to make a more compelling connection to your customers. Plus. doing so proves that you’re a legitimate business with real-life. satisfied customers. 5. Tag products in your posts and Stories The current presentation of Facebook Stores could make it easy to miss if someone isn’t explicitly looking for products. That’s why you should tag products within posts and Stories whenever possible to boost the visibility of your storefront.

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