Capture box on the side on the website/blog (sidebar)

Here, if the visitor opens your home, or the articles, your capture box will be there. It doesn’t disappear when the person navigates between different pages on your site. If the article is longer, you can’t miss the opportunity to make the visitor leave the email in exchange for an cell phone directory india. If the article is too long, scroll until you place the link more than once. At the end of the article the conversion may be even lower, but it is more certain, since if the visitor has reached the end of your content, he is really interested in what you are offering. So most likely he will leave the email in exchange for some lead magnet. In this case, remember to explore the copy and photo even further.

Capture box on the About page

Many companies do not pay enough attention to this page. But believe me, visitors who don’t know your brand will certainly go to About to find out who you are. There you can leave an email capture box with your lead magnet. Oh, and never neglect this page. Prepare it with care, with a nice text and interesting photos for your target audience. The capture box on the About page can be at the top of the page, sidebar, middle of the text and at the end. Even in more than one place if possible and if it doesn’t get too repetitive. Remember: common sense is key.

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welcome gate plugin 

This plugin is already a little more invasive, because regardless of the page that the visitor accesses the site, he will land on a capture page. On this page he will have the option to enter the email and take the lead magnet or simply continue to your website without leaving the email. It is important that the option to continue to the site is clearly visible otherwise the user may end up getting annoyed and giving up on you. Any Google search or any first visit to your company’s website, this will be the first page they DV Leads. But that only happens once. The other times he accesses, he will go to the same landing page.

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