Caixin APP product analysis: News payment is a long way to go

With the development of the Internet, everything can be a medium, and the advertising revenue of traditional media is constantly diluted, and commercial transformation is imminent. Today, many traditional media have begun to explore content payment, from pure information disseminators to service providers.

In November 2017, Caixin Media announced the official launch of full payment for financial news. Caixin founder Hu Shuli said:

 Product positioning

Caixin APP is an original financial news platform that integrates Caixin Media’s Caixin. Caixin Weekly”, “China Reform”, “Comparison” and other mobile Internet products. The products are designed to allow mobile users to enjoy high quality anytime, anywhere. financial news service. Several major content highlights include exclusive financial reports Thailand Phone Number and authoritative in-depth investigations; 7*24 hours of global financial information; more than 200 famous financial and economic column articles;

Caixin has launched news payment in November 2017. There are two main paid products: Caixintong (498 yuan per year / 58 yuan per month), and Datacom (Lite 998 yuan a year / Pro1998 yuan a year). The main news is set to charge or time-of-use – that is, free for 48 hours, then transfer to charge. Caixin will still have a considerable part of its content free, mainly regular news, videos, pictures, blogs, and some opinions and comments.

Highlights: The feed stream interface allows users to quickly understand the news content

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The news section of Caixin adopts the feed stream interface commonly used in content products. And the news content is arranged from top to bottom in chronological order. So that users can quickly understand the latest news content. Different from general news products, Caixin does not have high requirements for timeliness. And the content is mostly long and in-depth reports. In order to reduce the pressure on users to receive information. There is a speaker label under the title of the important news. Users can click to listen to the report audio. You can also click the Headphones tab on the right side of the search bar to go directly to Caixin FM.

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