What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a detailed description of a fictional character that represents your target audience. Persona is not a real person, but a fictional person who embodies the best traits of their potential customers. You’ll give this persona a name, demographics, interests, and behavioral traits. You need to understand the persona’s goals, pains, and buying patterns. You can give personas a face using stock photos. Some companies go further by making a cardboard persona to place inside the company. The idea is to think about and talk to this customer model as if they were a real person. This will allow you to develop marketing messages aimed at your ideal customer. Your buyer persona will guide everything from product development to buy usa mobile number voice on social media.

How your business should use the buyer persona

Digital marketing analysts often use complicated words that their audience may not understand. With buyer personas you will be reminded that people are real people who use social media and engage with your content, and that you should avoid using those complicated words. Buyer personas make you focus on solving customer problems rather than your own. Always think about your personas every time you decide on your digital marketing strategy. Does a buyer persona allow you to question whether your recent social media ad campaigns address the needs and pains of at least one buyer persona? If not, you have a reason to rethink your marketing plan, no matter how good it sounds.

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Target your social media ads efficiently

Social media ads offer great targeting options. Having defined your personas, you will be able to create ads that speak directly to the audience you have targeted. Then use the ability to target ads on social media to reach the right people. You can create ad content separately for each of your defined buyer personas. This advanced level of targeting allows you to increase your conversion and improve campaigns. Developed by professors and authors such as Aleksej Heinze, Gordon Fletcher, Tahir Rashid, Ana Cruz, Buyer Persona Spring is a model designed to connect your business goals with your buyer persona. It is called DV Leads, as it has 3 distinct loops (the curves of a spring):

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