Bulk Backlink Analysis And Api Tracking

We continue to transform our platform in a way that allows you to customize each tool to your needs. That’s why, with the new Website Audit, you’ll be able to choose for yourself which issues you want to check and which ones should be removed. Once the scan is complete, you will get a summary report on a new dashboard. Graphs and tables will help you understand.

Custom on-page SEO checks

Another tool we plan to transform beyond recognition is our On-Page SEO Checker . Currently, the tool analyzes website pages against a number Benin Phone Number List  of defined parameters. For example, it checks if keywords are used in headings or if the length of the title does not exceed 70 characters. The new tool will give you recommendations based on the specifics of your niche SERP and not on universal rules.


We will analyze the top 10 search results from Google for each target keyword. You will be able to define several target keywords for each page. The tool will look for certain patterns in competing pages: for example, all websites ranking on the first page of Google used the same H1 keyword, four competitors added an emoji to their title tags, and five rivals used bold in the text. The tool will recommend that you implement similar tweaks on your page.


Historical data for keyword and competitor analysis + new graphs and filters

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SE Ranking regularly updates all the metrics you find in the keyword research and competitive research tools . You can always check when the data was last updated in the top right corner of the module. However, sometimes having up-to-date metrics is not enough to make the right decision. You may also need historical data to analyze all metrics dynamically. In 2021, you will have the opportunity as our tools will show you how each metric has changed over the last two months.


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