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This guide has been prepared especially for our readers by Alexandra Tachalova. Alex is a content marketing public relations and link building. Expert with over a decade of experience in digital marketing, founder of digital olympus. She also participated in our marketing marathon and gave. A talk on how to build a blog partner network to get quality links.If you missed an event, you can watch a video here . Have you just launched a brand new online store

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but your Google Analytics shows almost zero organic visitors? Unfortunately, the lack of organic visitors is an all-too-familiar story for many  Cyprus Phone Number List  e-commerce stores just starting out. With over a million active merchants on Shopify alone, the e-retail space is set to get “crowded” to say the least! Like it or not, Google remains the absolute market leader with over 90% of the search market share. While there are myriad ways to drive traffic and sales, organic traffic for online businesses is bread and butter. According to a recent study, 49% of shoppers said they use Google to discover new products or services.

Produce in-depth content and feed it with links


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E-commerce seo has always been quite a difficult task. But with the rise of gigantic stores like amazon and ebay that sell literally everything. It has reached a new level of complicity. No one would dispute the importance of on-site ranking factors. Including how users interact with your site. But the number of referring domains is still part of the 5.

There is no sense linking to mediocre pages on your site. The truth is, even if you rank them well, they still won’t help you generate leads and sales. Let’s face it, today’s users are very picky and don’t spend their time digesting content that doesn’t meet their expectations (eg answering their questions).

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