Best WordPress SEO Caching Plugins to Optimize Your Images

Image optimization is another of the fundamental aspects of SEO mpiua phone number that we must not forget when it comes to improving the positioning of a web page . Surely you have always been clear about the importance of creating valuable content to achieve a good positioning of your website. But, do you know the importance of a good optimization of web images to improve your organic positioning? Well, just as content in text format is essential for keyword searches, the images you use on your website should complement the text . In short, they must be useful to provide more valuable information for users and improve the visibility of your site in Google.

WP Smush it

WP is one of the plugins that we use the most at DÜONCREATIVE , our Digital Marketing Agency , to optimize the images of our projects. It stands out because it is capable of compressing the weight of the images on a web page without losing their quality. In addition, it is also responsible for resizing those images that are not 100% optimized. In conclusion, it is very useful for websites with little content in image format . On the contrary, if you use many graphics, infographics, etc. in your articles this plugin does not allow you to optimize several images at the same time. In this case, the appropriate thing would be to use some other software that helps you to improve the performance of the images massively.

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Best SEO plugins for WordPress

Yoast SEO is the most downloaded and used WordPress SEO DV Leads today. We can say that today it is one of the “essential” in any WordPress web page. It stands out because it is a very simple plugin to configure since it allows us to adjust the SEO parameters of a website in a few steps . Among its particularities we can highlight that installing a plugin like Yoast will allow us to optimize page titles, create a sitemap of the website, index or deindex pages… In short, it warns you in real time of the tasks that you should review to improve your position in search engines. To do this, it has a kind of traffic light where it tells you the SEO quality of each of your pages or entries.

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