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Have you ever wondered what people see when they search your brand name on Google? Is your brand SERP flattering and compelling or not quite? In this blog post, based on the webinar with Jason Barnard recently hosted by SE Ranking, you’ll find the answers to questions like: Why tracking your brand name is crucial to your success? How to measure brand SERP quality? And what can you do to improve your brand image on SERP?

Keynote speaker, 100% digital nomad, and host of the SEOisAEO podcast on Kalicube

Jason Barnard is a search marketing consultant, musician, cartoonist, and voice actor, who does podcasts regularly and is quite active on Ecuador Phone Number List  Twitter. And it’s all pretty obvious if you just take a look at his personal branding SERP, something Jason managed to achieve after seven years of hard work. Now here are some fun facts that aren’t (yet) on Jason’s SERP brand – he went to the same college in Liverpool as John Lennon, he started SEO in 1998 as the blue dog (a character which he imitated), and since 2013 he has been obsessed with brand SERPs and what they can do for businesses. Below are all the tips and tricks THE Brand SERP shared with us during the webinar.

What brand SERPs have to do with the result

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The second group is prospects , the bottom of the funnel. People who are about to do business with you, about to sign on the dotted line and become your partners. They research your brand name to learn more about you, to make sure you are the right company to partner with. After that, you have your potential recruits , people who want to work for your company. Journalists who want to write about your company. All of these people, except the first group, are

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