Benefits of launching a Digital Marketing Strategy on TikTok

To date, it already has more than two billion downloads worldwide. And it has more than eight hundred million active users. The huge volume of users and the great speed at which it buy usa email database to grow makes this social medium interesting to reach a wide audience . Especially if you are able to create short video content that goes viral and exponentially reaches a large number of people. 2. International reach TikTok is already used in more than 150 different countries. So any viral video on the platform can reach anywhere in the world . That is why, if you are looking to reach international markets, launching a Digital Marketing Strategy on TikTok can be an effective way to connect with these new audiences in other countries.

Video is the most demanded content format

The upward trend of video marketing seems to be going away soon. Keep in mind that content in video format allows you to bring users closer to the brand in an economical and non-intrusive way . In fact, it’s been shown that 86% of people would like to see more videos from their favorite brands. And while 85% of businesses already use video as a marketing tool, TikTok is a great way to expand the reach of your video content. If you’re not already using video, it offers a fairly affordable way to incorporate video into your existing marketing strategy.

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Strong focus on localized content

If we take a look at the rest of the most popular social media – DV Leads, Instagram, YouTube, etc. – we see that they are full of brands trying to connect with their customers. Therefore, companies have to take advantage of this moment in which there are still not many brands with a. Digital Marketing Strategy on TikTok to gain a competitive advantage . The first to gain a foothold on this platform. Will have a greater chance of obtaining a greater reach compared to those who do when everyone has a presence on TikTok.

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