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Professors Katy Milkman and Angela Duckworth of the University of Pennsylvania and Behavior Change For Good themselves are enthusiastic about mega studies. They use a mega-study to test the effects of many different interventions on a large scale. They do this on an objectively determined outcome in the France WhatsApp Number List  same population and during the same time. For example, around the question: how do we get people to the gym more often?

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For academics, it is large scale: with tens of thousands of participants. For a bit of online marketer, these are numbers that he or she sees per week in ongoing online experiments. And for Google and Facebook, that’s probably response numbers they get in minutes. Only: commercial parties do not share their findings. Of course you don’t want to make the competition any wiser. And it can also cause a stir and negative publicity , as Facebook experienced in 2014. They then published about emotional contagion through social networks and had manipulated users’ timelines for their experiments. That experiment involved almost 700,000 users.

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large scale’ mean Corona Apps

So mega-studies don’t necessarily rely on the numbers, but on the brainpower and transparency. A mega-study involves dozens of interventions that have been developed by multiple, different research groups. The hypotheses underlying the interventions are often based on existing psychological literature and build on this. The online marketer therefore does not have to plow through all the scientific literature himself, but can piggyback on the literature study of academics.


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