Basic human needs according to Maslow’s pyramid

Psychological theory is capable of explaining complex issues such as why we act in a certain way, the type of clothing we wear or our choices when buying goods or contracting services. whatsapp numbers list and large companies make business decisions based on this information. They put effort and resources into finding small ways to influence customer behavior and thus achieve better business results . But… what are needs? And, thinking about the scope of a business, how can the needs of the human being intervene in marketing or advertising strategies?

What are basic needs

The main human needs are those that have to do with the maintenance of life . We refer, for example, to eating, breathing, sleeping, everything that allows us to keep our body working. In addition to these, there are other basic needs, which have to do with the things we like, what we need to work, grow, have health or live in society, among others. One of the psychologists who worked the most on this subject was Abraham Maslow. In his theory, he hierarchized human needs and created a “pyramid of needs” that groups and orders them in a specific way.

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Maslow’s Pyramid

Maslow ‘s pyramid , also known as the Hierarchy Scheme of Basic Human Needs, gained prominence beginning in the mid-20th century with the publication of his DV Leads A Theory of Human Motivation . Maslow’s theory proposes a list of basic needs that all human beings need to satisfy . In addition, he presents them in the form of a pyramid because it ranges from the most elementary, to those that we do not necessarily have to cover to survive. So Maslow’s pyramid proposes a hierarchy of human needs . As the most basic ones (located at the bottom) are satisfied, we develop more complex aspirations (located at the top of the scheme).

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