Avoid Terminological Confusion

People may even mistake these snippets for an advertisement due to their fancy design. To clarify, Google explains in the About This Result feature that they were not paid to highlight these products on the SERP. As you can see, rich snippets change and improve over time.  That’s why, before going any further, we must make sure that we speak the same language. Until 2008, the Google SERP represented a list of equally structured snippets. This provided a level playing field for website owners. Only marketers’ approach to writing titles and descriptions could make certain pages stand out among others. But over the past decade, the picture has changed dramatically. Let’s review the key steps to evolving rich results.



Avoid terminological confusion!

When discussing rich results, people  Morocco Phone Number List  often misunderstand each other because of inconsistent terminology. The naming of Google’s rich results has recently changed, but users continue to use different terms. Let’s sort out all the terms you will come across when reading the rich results to avoid any misunderstandings. Rich Results” is the more up-to-date term for visually enhanced SERP elements generated by search engines from a website’s structured data markup. T Structured data is only visible to search engines and helps them understand different types of information on your website.


Rich snippets and rich maps

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The terms “rich maps” and “rich snippets” were once used by Google at different times and can be found in older documentation. You can also come across them in many articles online. Although there were slight differences between them, it doesn’t matter now and you can consider these terms as obsolete synonyms for rich results. A recipe page snippet enhanced with an image. And star rating is a classic example of this type of search result.  Rich search results not only provide additional information, but also a special interactive user experience. For example, users who interact with Jobs ‘ rich search results can find nearby jobs, expand the list, apply additional filters to it, or bookmark jobs that interest them.

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