What are the payment gateways available in Peru?

We spend our time transacting online all the time, that we have made online payments become part of our lives. For this reason, paying online is a fundamental characteristic of electronic commerce brazil phone number format, which make everything easier for us by integrating with a payment gateway. Therefore, it is important that you know the best payment gateways for an electronic commerce in Peru. But before showing you these options. We will discover what exactly payment gateways are and how to choose the ideal one for your business.

What is a payment gateway?

The payment gateway is a service that is implemented in virtual stores to facilitate payment to customers. This serves to protect the details of a card by encrypting the sensitive information it contains, which ensures that private personal data is transmitted securely between the customer and the merchant. The first thing you probably ask yourself is how much you will spend. It all depends on your e-commerce platform , its flexibility and adaptability. We recommend you look at the following prices: Installation: Cost for integrating the gateway in your electronic commerce. Transaction: Cost for each transaction made through the payment gateway. Maintenance: Cost for keeping the payment gateway active. Of course there are other charges, but usually the ones we have mentioned are the ones that vary the most.

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Security / Support

The next point of interest, without a doubt, is security. DV Leads fraud, unwanted information ending up in the hands of a stranger and other vulnerabilities, is important to protect both your customers’ data and yours. Among the best-known security requirements are the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security certificates, which will allow knowing when a server is secure, there are also the Address Verification Systems (AVS), which ask the buyer for the fiscal address to which the card is linked to avoid fraud. Finally, we find the security standards regulated by the Payment Card Industry (PCI), which provide confidence to consumers.

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