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They’re super relevant here, but it’s also kind of an article, and kind of a how-to.” Then I would just focus on your preferre one. Kind of the FAQ in that case. Or if you’re saying the how-to is really the way that I want to have this page shown in search, then I would focus on that type.” 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Creative Get inspire and create your most engaging, compelling Facebook Ads creative yet with these expert tips and real-world examples. Tim Jensen VIP CONTRIBUTOR Tim Jensen July 2, 2021 ⋅ 9 min read 599 SHARES 4.0K READS 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Creativ.

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Think about your social mdia scrolling behavior. What makes you stop and take a second look at a post? More often than not, it’s the graphic — whether it’s a sarcastic GIF, a hilarious cat, or a smiling baby — that gets your attention. When running Facebook ads, the best copy is likely to be overlood if it’s accompaniey a meiocre image. Read on for 10 tips Iceland Mobile Number List to up your creative game in Facebook advertising. 1. Customize Images by Placement The Facebook Ads interface lets you select unique images for different placements. Ideally, you should use vertical images for the Stories format to fill the whole screen, while using horizontal or square images for the News Fee.

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The desktop right sidebar placement is also one to be conscientious of, particularly since Facebook changd its layout in late 2020. Previously, only rectangular (1200 x 628) images showd up in that placement; now, Facebook, will show a square image in that space if you use one, allowing for more prominent ad space. In addition, be mindful that ads in the right sidebar will be significantly smaller, meaning that any text you include in your images will be barely legible.

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