Audience Lists One Of The Most Well Known Ways

This way, you know that people in that audience had a specific set of skills or were involve in specific groups. It would allow you to speak directly to those interests in your ads. Visitors by Time Spent You can further segment your URL-driven audiences by selecting to segment them by time spent. You could target people by the top 25%, top 10%, or top 5% of time spent, for example. This can be a useful way to try to zero in on folks with the highest engagement.

Offline Events Let S Delve Into Each Uploading

Remarketing Conversion Events If remarketing page views don’t allow you to build the audience that you ne, Facebook also offers the ability to build audiences off of the events that you’ve create for conversion tracking. This can be handy both for targeting your audience to get them to the next stage in the funnel. It’s also helpful for exclusions, to ensure that you aren’t targeting people that have already taken a certain action – even if Facebook wasn’t the Nepal Phone Number List source that drove the action. 3. Remarketing Your Offline Activities Facebook also makes it easy to remarket offline activities, which is really cool! There are two ways you can do this: through audience lists and offline events.

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Ways You Can Do This Through Audience Lists And

Let’s delve into each! Uploading Audience Lists One of the most well-known ways to remarket offline activities is to upload user lists. There are a ton of different ways you can segment this data. You can target existing customers, or leads that were once warm but never converte, or folks currently in the pipeline. You can also remarket folks that took a high-funnel action to get them to take a low-funnel action. Remarketing Offline Events You can also remarket people from your offline event sets if you’re tracking offline events. So if you’re importing events for text messages, for instance, you can remarket them to get them to the next stage in the funnel – maybe to let them know of a sale on certain products.


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