Familiarity With Voice Assistants on the Rise

Take a look at your own profile or have someone Belgium WhatsApp Number List else look at it. Does it seem like every post is made by a different brand? Then something goes wrong. It is precisely the intention that your profile stands out at a glance: images and texts that match each other in terms of color and tone. It should be immediately Belgium WhatsApp Number List clear that these posts are from your brand.

When We Talk About Voice Assistants

For example, take a look at the profile of NOS Stories. In every post, the logo at the top left, the white Belgium WhatsApp Number List text bar and the striking color purple. Even without the profile name, you immediately know where the post comes from. Instagram NOSHow do you make your posts Belgium WhatsApp Number List consistent? Make your house style colors appear in every post.

You can try to have the same colors in every photo or video, but you can also use a standard. Format in which your photo or video will be placed. See if you can come up with themes Belgium WhatsApp Number List that you keep coming back to every so often, for example highlighting employees or taking a look behind the scenes. Keep the same tone of voice in text in your photos, captions and comments. You may have already done this, but record your corporate Belgium WhatsApp Number List identity and tone of voice for Instagram. You can always fall back on that.

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