As for the method to break the monopoly of a specific group

As for the method to break the monopoly of a specific group, many friends have expressed their doubts to me that it may cause the group to go underground. My view on this matter is that the legal level cannot target a specific group, so in practice there is indeed a problem. Such possibilities, at least, can no longer monopolized as blatantly as they once were. So next, all parents really must work together, use laws and regulations to check all illegalities, and make things work in the direction of “giving children a better educational environment”. What to do after school starts? I just checked Zhou Mi Mi’s school, and at least I can’t see the school’s practice on the website.

What I will do after school starts is as follows school the following

I also suggest that you can ask your child’s Kuwait Phone Number school the following questions. Sure to ask the school whether it has formulated the “Administrative Measures for Outsiders Entering Schools to Assist in Teaching or Activities”, and ask the school to publish the full text of the regulations. I’m going to discuss it with the instructor first. Ask the school about volunteers, lecturers and other matters, what new measures will taken, this part needs to understand the regulations of this precaution.

Please use this article as a manual If the school does not meet

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The requirements of this precaution, you can further discuss the details with the school. If the school insists, please file a complaint with the higher-level unit (go to the county and city education bureau first, then the State Education Bureau) If it cannot dealt with properly, you can also directly lodge a complaint with the Fan Yun Legislative Councilor’s Office. For the part of establishing laws and regulations, what we can do is probably the current situation. To implement it, we have to rely on everyone to work hard in each school.

After all, this is a problem that has accumulated for more than ten years, and there is still a lot of work to done to change it. First of all, everyone has worked hard, this semester is really the key! A CIA spy was recruited to a very mysterious team after a mission. His new mission is no longer to stop terrorists and fight criminal organizations, but to reverse time and enter a new field of human brain cognition, and then Stop the end of the world from happening. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in the first half of 2020, the film and television industry can said to facing an unprecedented test.

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